-from April 1 to October 31 from 9:00 to 18:00,

-from 1 November to 31 March from 10:00 to 16:00

also open during the holidays


„Who is not fascinated by nature and wildlife to watch her closely „

Leśny Park Niespodzianek is a place, that everyone should visit. Located in Ustroń Zawodzie in the Silesian Beskid,  is the only park of its kind, that gives the opportunity to spend time with families, organized groups of different ages and individual guests. It is also a paradise for photographers, who can take pictures of the animals in almost natural conditions. This unconventional zoo, allows contact with nature, wildlife, entertainment and education in natural beech forest. All this is a innovative idea of the park.

One of the most interesting attractions of the park are the mouflons and fallow deers. They are moving freely among the visitors and you can feed them from the hand . We have many animals in the pens like bisons, red deers, roe deers, goats, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs,  wild boars, wild cats and raccoon dogs. The greatest attractions of the park are Falconry station and Owlery, where falconers present birds of prey and owls during their flight

One of the paths is equipped with illustrated plates from the field of flora and fauna. At the end of trail there is Museum of Hunting with exhibits and multimedia equipment. Children will be most interested in fairytale path (where well known stories are presented by a puppets) and a playground which includes trampolines, slides, swings. Guests of Leśny Park Niespodzianek can use  parking, toilets and all the attractions in the park free. Scenic spots gives the ability to mute while admiring the Silesian Beskid.

We invite you to visit us.

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