We invite you to take advantage of our offer for schools.

Our park allows to organizate trips:

Distinctive - for extend the experience of students;
Cognitive - to systematize new experiences;
Extending knowledge - eliminating the gaps in the quality of experience;
Comparative - summarizing realization of a suitable topic.

Tours in our park activate students thinking and acting,
learns students to speak their own courts,
develops research attitude, hobbies and interest
learns respect for nature,
shapes attitude of emotional relationship with nature

For groups ofver 20 people we have less valuable tickets.
We invite you to take advantage of school tours to our park.

- Adults: 18zł
- Children: 13 zł

Admission free:

- Carers  ( 1 on 10 children) and drivers

Tel. +48 33 444 6050
Tel.Fax. +48 33 444 6055
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